My Journey To Christ

My journey with Christ began about than 3 years ago. Growing up, I attended church on and off through high school, but never really had a personal relationship with God. As I raised my son, I began to feel convicted that we didn't attend a church or really speak with him about God. I wanted him to have a better knowledge of Jesus than my husband and I did, so we started to talk about finding a church to get involved in.

After little searching and a lot of God, we found our church home on our very first visit in April 2014. It quickly became about more than just raising our children to be Christians, but changing myself to be the person I truly aspired to be. After our first visit, we stayed committed to attending every Sunday and before long were more involved in church activities and small group. In December 2014 I was baptized and my life was radically changed. Since then, I try to intentionally run with Jesus every day and attempt to model that lifestyle for my children.

I am not perfect, and I am learning more and more every day about what God wants for me, my family and our faith. Some days I succeed and some days I fail miserably, but I am thankful for a God thats merciful and compassionate to guide me through it all. Join me as I journey through uncovering what He wants me do and where He wants me to go.